Friday, January 19, 2007

More about Barcamp..

My activities during Barcamp have just been extended; besides my talk about "The need for an alternative telecoms infrastructure in Ireland" I will now also sit on a panel discussing "Finding money for your start-up".
Just so that people can have a bit of an idea of what the content of both is I will give a short outline below:

"The need for an alternative telecoms infrastructure in Ireland"

Rather than giving a big long talk spouting just my opinion on the deplorable state of broadband availability I hope to start a bit of an interactive discussion. I will give a short description of what I consider lies at the root of this problem and why I think that an alternative telecoms infra-structure is the only solution to this problem. After that I would very much have a open discussion on the subject. What I do not want is a session of Eircom, Comreg & governemnt bashing. There has been enough of this for the last few years and it does not lead to a solution to the problem.

"Finding money for your start-up"

This is a panel discussion so, apart from giving a quick outline on what's involved in starting to raise funds by going through a SEC listing with the aim of trading on the OTC/BB, I will attempt to answer participants questions to the best of my ability.


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