Sunday, February 11, 2007

A passion to succeed.

I always enjoy reading Mary Schmidt's blog. She provides a no-bullshit insight into marketing and business development. Last Friday saw another great post titled: "Start-up success: Look stupid, Be silly!". It touches on something that I have noticed quite frequently while interfacing (i.e. talking) to other enterpreneurs. A lot of them seem to lack a real sense of passion for what they are doing or if the do have passion they are afraid to show it just in case it is seen as a weakness. Off course every enterpreneur has a passion for success because of the financial benefits of this success. However it is important too succeed and to be taken seriously be VC's & Angel investors that you display a passion for what you are doing. You should excude an absolute conviction in the benefit & success of what you are doing, you should radiate an complete belief in the benefits of your product/service to your target audience and you should love what you are setting out to do. And not only because of the financial benefits that it will hopefully bring you.
If you cannot convince yourself that your service or product is the best thing since sliced bread how can you ever convince your customers?
If you do not enjoy doing what you are doing you will not have a hope in hell in inspiring your employees!
And if you cannot convince your employees that they should give their 100% devotion to the job and your potential customers that they should choose your product over the competition's than how are you going to convince an investor to put their money behind you?


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