Saturday, June 02, 2007

Broadband for the midlands...

There were two articles in the Irish media last week bringing "news" regarding the follout of fiber backhaul in the midlands. The articles can be read here and here.
I wonder why this is being presented as news I do not know as it was common knowledge over year ago.
Anyway, for those interested I'll quote:

Contracts have been signed for the physical construction of Metropolitan Area Networks in Nenagh, Roscrea and Templemore, memembers of North Tipperary County Council have been informed.
The MAN contracts have recently been signed with The Clarke Group for the for the work and it is expected to commence the civils works in these towns in June . Construction is scheduled to last approximately 19 weeks.
In Nenagh, the MAN will be approximately 10.8km in length, in Roscrea it will be approximately 8.1km, and in Templemore it will be approximately 5.7km. The routes of the MANs will pass close to the main businesses, schools, government offices, the Eircom Exchange and business parks, Head of Information Services of North Tipperary County Council, Mr Gerard Lynch said.


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