Friday, September 21, 2007

Nokia release UMA capable phone

Nokia anounced that it will releases the 6301 in Q4 this year.
One of it's greatest features is UMA support. This allows seamless roaming (handover) between WiFi and GSM networks without call interuption. You could for instance innitiate a call through a wifi hotspot (or your own wifi network) and then, mid-call, move out of range of the wifi network and the phone will switch to a GSM network without dropping the call.
This off course requires operator support but the fact that Nokia is now offering a handset with UMA support will hopefully lead to more operators supporting this.
This can have a much greater impact on the mobile phone market than the iPhone.

The 6301 itself is a rather average phone but imagine a multi-media powerhouse such as the N95 with UMA support and you can see the possibilities.

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