Thursday, September 13, 2007

War-driving or war-parking?

It's nice to see muni-wifi networks being put to good use.
Not surprisingly the city of Westminster on London has decided to link CCTV cameras so that it can catch people parking without permits in a permit only area.

Vic Baylis, director of services at Westminster City Council. says: "The cameras can now recognize parking permits and their validity, the plate of the offending vehicle, and the parking restrictions on the road in question. They can also clock the time vehicles enter timed parking spaces. Images of every parking offense are collated and then viewed by a human operator for verification before parking tickets are dispatched."

I wonder is an access point running "fakeAP" would suffice to bring the network down?
Luckily they are also considering more useful applications:
"Other applications that the council is considering include giving staff mobile access to their data, enabling streetlamps so they can communicate when the bulb needs replacing, and connecting parking meters so the staff is informed when they are full or out of order"

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