Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Coming soon: 3D Barcamp.

Another kick-ass event is coming to Limerick soon: 3D Barcamp!
It's an event organised by James Corbett, Gabriela Avram and Bernie Goldbach (the godfather of Irish interactive media).
Quote from the site:
3Dcamp will held in the Engineering Research Building at the University of Limerick on May 24th between 10-6pm. This themed Barcamp will focus on virtual worlds (Second Life, the Metaverse), mirror worlds (Google Earth and Virtual Earth), mapping mashups, GPS, Location based Services (LBSs), haptics (eg. Wiimote hacks), 3D modelling (Blender, Sketchup) and all things 3D. Essentially the internet beyond the 2D browser.

Everybody is welcome, from users to developers, interaction designers, sociologists, artists and business people.

I can strongly recommend that you register here and make sure that you get there in time!

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