Sunday, April 13, 2008

Geartip: extend your laptop's wifi range..

I've had a lot of requests over the years of people wondering how to extend the range in their laptop's built in wireless card.
While there are a lot of esoteric solutions there is one that In have tried and tested.
It's an external antenna that plugs into the radio inside your laptop and mounts neatly on the side of the laptop screen.
It's easy enough for someone with a bit of technical insight to install but it does require you to remove the casing of your laptop.
However, once installed it greatly improves the range of your laptop and also increases the throughput when connected to a wifi network.

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Anonymous said...

Lots of folks wonder what the tiny connector on the internal Wi-Fi card is. This RF connector is called an IPX connector. Usually the adapter cable needed is IPX to RP-SMA. I've found to be a good source for these cables.

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