Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Co-working/techhub/start-up centers....

Spurred on by posts on co-working.ie and a recent post on Techcrunch UK I've decided to get serious with my plans for a Co-working/techhub/start-up center.
While I have certain ideas on how I would like to setup & run such a center I need the input of potential users. I do not intend to run it for my own benefit so rather than just come up with a list of requirements myself I am looking for input from outside sources. What facilities would you like to see in such a center?
How should it be run/managed?
So there it is, let the discussion begin!
Please post suggestions in the comment section below...

I've been asked to provide some more parameters on my plans.
The idea is to have a facility that will provide office and/or work space for technology start-ups (NOT just IT), hot-desking facilities and "day-rental" offices. The building will include shared facilities and services such as central reception, meeting rooms, postal & courier services (delivery as well as collection), fast broadband access (wired & wireless), out-off hours access, security, storage facilities, furnished desks and offices, equipment leasing facilities (audio-visual & IT equipment) etc. etc.
The entry threshold will be relatively low and will be more about what you are doing instead of what you have done and how big your bank balance is.
Tennants/participants will be encouraged to take part in informal but regular brianstorming sessions where experiences can be shared, questions asked and answered and were everyone can share and "cross-polinate"...

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