Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Arrrghhhhh - its wifi, not rocket science, sort it out Techcrunch

The title of this post is one of the many Twitter messages over the last few days complaining over the bad quality of the wifi access at the TechCrunch50 event. I am really surprised and slightly disgusted by this. As far as I can recall last year there was either no wifi access or it was plagued by problems.
Really guys, it's not *that* hard. You just need someone in charge of the wifi who knows what they're doing.
You need to consider signal propagation paths, interference, reflection, channel management and roaming. And that's the wireless part.
Connect that to managed switches and sufficient backhaul and Bob's yer uncle...
Not that TC50 is the only conference that suffers from bad wifi. Most technology conferences are marked by dire connectivity.
I have repeatedly made the offer via Twitter but want to repeat it here; if TechCrunch wants someone to supply them with working public wifi access at their next event all they need to do is contact me.
And no, I am NOT boasting. Those that have used wifi services supplied by me/Airappz can testify that it works.
So there you go; if TC (or you) need wifi for an event or public location feel free to contact me...

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