Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What did Twitter do for you in 2008?

Like many others that I know I have become a heavy Twitter user in 2008. Honesty requires me to say that I like the structured discussions on Jaiku more but Twitter wins out due to user density.
My twitter use is almost 24/7 and spans my professional & private life. I spew comments, thoughts, observations and questions into the Twitterverse.
There are a lot of ongoing discussions on what Twitters business model is. In my opinion nobody knows and most of us are still feeling our way in the unknown darkness of micro-blogging. For the moment Twitters value is best measured by individual benefits.
So what does it do for me? Does Twitter actually have any real benefit for me?
The best way to measure this is to list what it has added to my day-to-day life & work:

- I have connected to a lot of people that I either never met or never would have met if it wasn't for Twitter.
- I have engaged directly with people that I otherwise would not have had a chance to speak to. Forget 6 degrees of separation, Twitter creates a universe of 1 degree of separation or less.
- Because of one of my Twitter contacts I am now the owner of a horse (with another one to follow). yes, that's right, a real life, non-virtual benefit!
- I have used Twitter as a tool to directly engage with end-users of one of AirAppz's service and have seen others do the same.
- Twitter has made me aware of breaking news long before the traditional media has caught on.
- Twitter DM's have taken over from email as my preferred method of contacting (or pinging) a contact. Replies are much faster.
- And off course I have taken part or followed lots & lots of excellent discussions or exchanges of opinion on Twitter.

Off course there is lots more but the above highlights the most important benefits twitter has had for me.
I would love to hear what benefits Twitter has had to you so please post a comment!

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