Thursday, December 04, 2008

WiFi still on the increase...

In spite of all the recent comments that wifi would lose out to wimax & 3G recent figures clearly indicate that the number of users as well as the actual usage is increasing (and not by single digits either).
British Telecom (BT) reports that between April and September 2008, customers spent twice as much time on its WiFi networks as in the preceding six months. People spent more than a million minutes a day on the average on BT OpenZone and BT FON networks.
Also Icomera, who specialises in wifi access on public transport systems reports a staggering 272% increase in this type of service.
The actual figure are impressive:
* By the end of October 2008, over one million passengers had used Wi-Fi services in trains, buses and ferries, approximately 3.72 million times, a 272% increase over the past year. Among Icomera’s customers are large transport operators such as Arriva, First Group, National Express, Stagecoach and Go-Ahead.
* Average Wi-Fi session on trains: 83 minutes
* Average Wi-Fi session on buses: 30 minutes
* Average number of sessions per week: 50,000

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