Saturday, July 29, 2006

Where to start.....

As stated in my very summary profile I have recently taken on the job of CEO of a start-up WISP .
Our company plans to rollout a pan-European network providing wireless and mobile access to the Internet combines with a whole host of related services.
In order to facilitate these plans the company recently went through an SEC submission in order to become a listed company allowing us to sell our shares to the public via the so called "Bulletin Board". We received the SEC's approval at the end of February and expect to start trading soon. Until then we are running a limited private share placement allowing smaller investors to purchase equity at a reduced price.

While I have been a long background in running IT companies and know Wi-Fi & Wimax technologies inside out the whole concept of running a listed company was something I haven't done before. All companies that I have been involved with before were all privately owned and funded. Sure, I have an idea of how it all works but the intricacies of the SEC regulations & requirements are as new as they are baffling...

I will try to chronicle my experiences on this "amazing journey of discovery" in this blog as a means of venting and in the hope that it might be of interest to others. Maybe it might even help others that will be going through the same process at some point in the future..

I will also provide links to (in my view) useful articles or postings elsewhere, comment on technological & other development and give my take on the IT industry in general...

I hope it will be as much fun for you the reader as it will be for me!

P.S. Our company website can be found here.

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