Tuesday, November 21, 2006

International Wireless conference.

I got to speak at the International Wireless Conference in Dublin on October 18th.
The conference was in the very snazzy CityWest hotel (the helicopters, Bentley, stretch limo and Hummer II parked near the entrance nicely complimented the venue).
Speakers were a virtual who-is-who in the Irish Wireless world with a heavy leaning towards the cellular world. Unfortunatley I missed the first two presentations but, one of which was Intels' Gerard Smyth. I had really hoped to catch his presentation seeing that Intel is one of the biggest drives behind the Wimax Technology.
My own talk which was supposed to be about the business case for municipal wireless networks ended up as also serving as a bit of a preaching on the need for broadband services in those areas that are not serviced at the moment (within Ireland as well as outside). The social & economical implications of creating, maintaining and extending a digital divide will have implications for beyond what most people realise. I think that my use of the term "social responsibility" might have offended John Strand (of Strand consulting) slightly. No offense John but next time please listen to what I have to say rather than what you think I am saying..

There were a lot of other interesting presenations from Irish companies with applications aimed at use in the wireless world. As was to be expected tripple (and quadrupple) play were a much mentioned expressions as was FWC (Fixed wireless convergence). As interesting as this all is there was little mention of any of the new disruptive technologies. This is something that seemed to be commonplace at a lot of conferences which leads me to believe that the imcumbent Telco's are still as stagnant and inflexible as ever...


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