Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Where did the time go?

It's been over a month since my last post.
I am disgusted!
The last 4-5 weeks have been extremely busy and I have certainly earned my keep.
So what have I been up to?
  • I have been in discussion with several investors and groups of investors in order to raise funding for Wimax EU. It's quite frustrating as fundraising is not my favourite past-time. I am someone that has ideas and that turns them into reality. I generally let others take care of the funding. However in my current position I owe it to the company & it's shareholders to get actively involved with fundraising. To assist me we have "hired" several people with a extensive background in this field. These people will assist us in working out the nitty-gritty of funding agreements and will also provide us with access to their contacts in the invetsment world. We've spoken to numerous "potentials" some of wich were clearly spoofing (generally indicated by the promise of huge sums of money without any indication on how to structure the investment). Some had other ideas on where we as a company should go. Luckily we have found a few interested parties that we are still in discussion with.
  • We are also trying to purchase some of the assets of a Telco that is in financial trouble. These assets can be put to an alternative and potentially very profitable use. This proved an interesting excercise as I litteraly had 48 hours to draft a businessplan for this, work out financials, compile a P&L sheet and scare up investor potential. Negotiations are ongoing...
  • I've also been talking a lot to possible aquisition targets in continental Europe to see what the best way forward is for our expansion and who is "for sale".
  • And I have yet again re-drafted our businessplan. This is an ongoing work as the market changes and new opportunities present themselves.
  • There was also the lovely task of our Quarterly SEC reporting duties. I just can't begin to tell you much I love these!
On top of that I have been actively networking and promoting Wimax EU and our plan for world domination.
Another task that has kept me busy and out of trouble is testing hardware & software. I have been testing a number of online backup services as well as LBS (Location Based Services) products and hardware. When I have time I might put a review up here but I can already say that this wil allow users to do some interesting things..


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