Saturday, November 25, 2006

Is Enterprise Ireland on strike?

When browsing thought he Enterprise Ireland website you come away with the impression that these people are extremely eager and helpfull to assist you in starting a business.
Not so apparently. I was given an email introduction by Rick Segal to someone in the New York EI office recently. This was followed by several attempts by phone and email to contact this person. I left a number of voicemails and sent emails but have so far to receive the first reply. This is NO reflection on Rick's assistance. He has been more than helpfull to me and appreciate his assistance greatly.
However seeing that several of my emails to EI's Irish offices have also been left unanswered t only leaves me to conclude two possibilities:

1) I'm on EI's blacklist (I sincerely doubt this).
2) As so many governement departments EI is just doing a lot of posturing and is not really interested in assisting start-up companies.

I sincerely hope that I am wrong in both cases and would really appreciate it if someone from EI would contact me to discuss this.
I will post any progress on this blog.


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