Monday, December 11, 2006

Let me tell you what the ruckus is all about...

We have been testing the Ruckus Wireless hardware during the past month and I am happy to say that I am very impressed.
I will give a quick overview of our findings below;
  • The devices look great, they are far removed from the box like shape that wirelessrouters used to have. In looks they can easily compete with Apple's Airport basestations. And they have flashing lights!
  • The range is great. I set one up in my office and went walkabout with my PDA running Airmagnet. The SNR didn't drop below 60 dBm until is was outside, 100 yards from the building and behind a wooden shed. I can honestly say that I have never seen any wireless router with that performance.
  • The devices are easy to setup and configure. Just plug an ethernet cable in the Mediaflex router and conenct it to your laptop or PC, enter the IP address into a browser and youcan log straight into the configuration GUI. The options are well laid out and very extensive. I won't list all configurations here but the people behind these devices have clearly done their homework. If you use the router together with Ruckus' wireless adapter and want to run IPTV through it the system almost completely self-configures. For a more graphic explaination of what it can do and how it works just click on this link.
  • The data throughput is indeed very good, I was able to upload & download large files to a remote server at a respectable rate, conduct a VOIP call, stream a Divx file and play MP3's from my fileserver al at the same time. All without delays, stutering or quality loss. This link will give you an insight on how it does this.
I am probably biased but I really have not seen anything currently available that can meet all those criteria. They might not be the cheapest product on the market with the router retailing around €125 but it sure offers the best value for money.

What I also like is that the developers at Ruckus are not sitting still either. They are presentng a 802.11N "smart wifi" product in at the CES show in January. See here for more details.
They are also releasing an update version of their Metroflex wireless gateway that will propogate the signal into the customers premises via wireless instead of the Ethernet feed it has now.

Now you know what the Ruckus is all about.
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