Monday, May 14, 2007

Irish government withdraws national broadband tender & Irish ISP 's collectively go into liquidation...

As Ice broadband pledges nationwide broadband cover by the end of 2007.
This article takes the price for the most ill-informed piece of journalism on the subject of broadband in Ireland. Then again journalism is a big word as it is quite obviously a PR piece drawn up by someone in Ice and presented as news. Quite honestly I had higher expectations from Adrian Weckler..

Just to point out some of the convaluted claims and in-accuracies;

Apart from the time & labour involved in actually building a network that would provide nationwide (and that's 100% of the country and not a number of locations stretched out across the country) the capital expenditure required would be huge. More than Ice can afford. In addition the costs of building, operating and supporting such a network would make the it un-economical and would put any operator attempting to do this out of business fairly quickly.

Mesh technology has been around for ages and is already in use by a number is WISP's around the country. Even community networks such as the IrishWAN have experimented with it.

As for the claims regarding NTL/Chorus' cable network; Can someone provide me with numbers of their users outside the main urban centres? These are still provided the service via radio-signals that will not be able to support broadband.

These type of articles do absolutely nothing for this countries broadband situation and only work counter-productive.
'Nuff said.


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