Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Three is NOT the magic number...

I posted last week that I was looking for suggestion for a new name for 802.EU. I even offered a prize of some really nice quality hardware for the best suggestion.
The blogpost got mentions in several blogs (thanks all, you know who you are).
You would think that this suggestions would come flooding in, right?
Three suggestions is all I got.
Lots of hits on the post but only three people bothered to send in a suggestion.
I refuse to believe that the majority off the people that visited the blog were terminally shy or suffered from creative amnesia.
I mean, send in a suggestion; it does not have to be brilliant but you have the chance to win some nice hardware. As said the best suggestion will win, I might not even decide to use the name but we will select a winner out of all entries.
So come on people, fire up your creative grey matter and email me your suggestions!

And remember; all entries have to be in by 5pm GMT on October 18th!
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