Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What's in a name?

My main venture at the moment is a company called 802.EU.
This venture's main product is a captive portal solution for use with wireless hotspots, hot-zones, municipal wireless networks & wisps. The portal consists of several modules displaying location based advertising, location based information and more. It also has several modules that offer a wide range of web-based applications include online backup, web based word-processing, spreadsheets, image manipulation, shared agendas etc. etc.
We've recently heard several comments that the name "802.EU" basically sucks. As we are early on in our development it is still not a huge undertaking to change the name.
Rather than have a few people in a room brainstorming I would like to hear what you people think. What would be a good name?
To make it interesting we will give a Ruckus Mediaflex WiFi router AND a Ruckus MetroFlex DZ router to the best suggestion.
For those of you that are not familiar with the Ruckus mediaflex products here's a bit of info from their website:

Ruckus MediaFlex NG
The First Fully Managed, In-Home Wireless Services Platform for Multimedia Distribution

The Ruckus MediaFlex NG is the first-of-its-kind wireless multimedia service platform that reliably distributes multimedia content over standard 802.11 Wi-Fi to every corner of the home.

The Ruckus MediaFlex NG combines innovative, patent-pending smart antenna and traffic management technologies to break down the barriers that have prevented a single Wi-Fi network from simultaneously supporting voice, video and data in the home.

Ruckus MetroFlex Dual Zone
High Performance Access Gateway and Wi-Fi Router

The Ruckus MetroFlex Dual Zone (DZ) is two products in one. It acts as a wireless access gateway, providing reliable connectivity to outdoor Wi-Fi networks, as well as an extended range indoor 802.11b/g access point.

The Ruckus MetroFlex DZ is the world’s first customer premise equipment specifically designed and optimized for broadband operators building large-scale metro Wi-Fi networks.

Patent-pending hardware and software let subscribers connect faster and more reliably to outdoor metro Wi-Fi networks – automatically optimizing around changing environmental conditions. Intelligent connection algorithms determine the fastest Wi-Fi mesh node with which to associate based on the highest data rates and best signal strength.

And before I forget; the deadline for your ideas is October 18th!

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