Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Capturing "captive portals" and landing "landing pages"...

It's giveaway time again.
AirAppz is carrying out some research into captive portals & landing pages being used by hotspot operators, Municipal wireless networks, WISP's etc.
So as we are up to or eyes testing hardware and software this might be a good opportunity to throw this out to the masses.
So what do we want you to do?
Send us screen-shots of captive portals and landing pages used by any wifi hotspot, muni wireless network, wisp or other wireless internet provider that you encounter.
Email the screen-shots as a jpg, gif or bmp file to captures@airappz.com before April 15th.
There are very few other rules or conditions
What will we do?
Well after the deadline expires (love that sentence) we will randomly pick one entry and that person will receive a Apple iPod Shuffle (4gb) for their efforts. The rest of you will just have to do with our eternal gratitude!

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