Thursday, October 25, 2007

And the winner is?

I ran a "competition" just over a week ago looking for a new name for one of my current ventures. Feedback was innitially slwo but eventually a good number of suggestions were send in.
Most of these came from Ireland with a few from the UK, continental Europe and the US.
Offering a prize certainly increased the hits to my blog.
Getting mentions on a lot of other blogs resulted to a likewise increase in exposure (thanks guys!).
Anyway after much deliberation we have chosen a winner and as much as it gals me (because he seems to win a lot lately) the winner is Conor O'Neil.
Conor submitted a whole list of suggestions out of which "AirApps" was chosen as the best one.
The Ruckus wifi routers will be winging their way to Conor shortly!

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