Friday, April 25, 2008

Geartip: Gomadic Windshield (car) mount for HTC Touch..

I've been using PDA & phone based Sat-Nav devices since somewhere around 2002. In order to be able to view the device safely while driving I have used a long series of mounts and cradles. Dash-mount, windshield mount, vent mount, active holder, passive holder, you name it. All have managed at some point in time to come unstuck resulting in the PDA dropping into my lap (or worse into the footwell) while driving.
No more!
Some months ago I bought a Gomadic windshield mounted holder for my HTC Touch. I ordered it from the US for the very affordable price of $24.95. Peanuts at the current exchange rate. The device arrived in the post less than two weeks later and it has been in use ever since.
It attaches to the windshield using a suction cup, but this one has a screw attachment at the rear allowing you to tighten the hold on the windshield.
It has a long flexible neck that lets you "aim" the device in any direction that you would want to.
The device has so far failed to fall off the windshield in spite of the bumpy Irish roads. I have used it with the HTC Touch but it also holds a Cubic Telecom Pirelli phone or a clunky Nokia N95 in a tight grip.
In short I can strongly recommend this holder to anybody looking for a high quality, affordable holder for their PDA or phone!

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